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Busy Mom has a 2 weeks review of using the Palm Pre Plus, and they also have a giveaway. Here are some of the review’s highlights:
Texting – The Palm Pre Plus can handle IMs, texts and multimedia messages so you can stay in touch with people lots of ways. I had no problem adding my Google Talk IM.

Calendars – I admit that I am off and on about keeping my calendar in my phone. It makes sense, and I am so much more organized when I do it, but there’s something off-putting about entering dates in a small phone.

E-mail – My favorite thing about the Palm Pre Plus e-mail is that it’s really easy to use, and you can see a list of all your accounts (and their folders) on the same page. No more going from website to website to sign into your e-mail. You can also view e-mails from all accounts merged into one list, but that’s not been too helpful to me.

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Palm’s latest update to its mobile operating system now allows owners of the Pre and Pixi to use Yahoo’s instant messaging client and watch YouTube videos in wide screen view, among other things.

But one feature not included in the update is the seamless synchronization with iTunes, Apple’s popular software for managing music and other media on a computer.

Palm has long clashed with Apple over whether or not owners of its devices can sync them up with their iTunes libraries without any intermediate software.

Palm confirmed that the newest release of WebOS, the mobile operating system for Palm devices, does not include a fix to the media syncing capability, although declined to specify the reasons behind the decision.

Read the full story on NY Times.

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