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Palm Pixi Review

Pre Central has a great review of the Palm Pixi, we can’t wait for the Pixi to come to Verizon:

The $99 Palm Pixi will be unleashed upon the world this Sunday and after using one full-time for two days, I can say it’s a great smartphone for anybody who hasn’t made the jump past feature phones. The Pixi comes in a tiny, almost bite-able form-factor that’s immediately appealing — all the more so because inside that little frame is the elegance and power of webOS.

For current smartphone owners, however, there are a few compromises that, all combined, lead me to suggest that most those interested in webOS should still opt for the more powerful Pre.

The Pixi is Palm’s best attempt yet to broaden their base of smartphone users by picking up former feature-phone users. Its competition isn’t meant to be so much the iPhone 3GS, the Droid, or even the Pre – though in reality, of course, they are a healthy part of the competition. Palm wants to position it more as a killer of the ‘near-smartphones’ out there, your Samsung Instincts and LG Rumors and whatnot. By that metric, the Pixi absolutely wins.

The Pixi is a good phone for anybody looking to step up to a their first smartphone without breaking the bank. As a phone for SMS, IM, some Facebook, and web browsing, it’s great and stands well above any non-smartphone or ‘near-smartphone.’ Centro owners: You are going to love this phone.

Should Pre owners switch to the Pixi?


Now that I’ve worked all of the gripes out of my system, it’s time to come back to the main thing. The Pixi is a marvel of a little smartphone. It’s tiny, fun, and does more than a lot of phones at its price. That price is just very close to the ever-lowering cost of high-end smartphones.

If the Pre didn’t woo Palm Centro owners, the Pixi has a much better shot. The only question is whether or not it will achieve its real goal: winning new users who have never used a smartphone. I think it has a shot.

No, seriously, it’s small!
Only $99
webOS 1.3.1
No WiFi
Slightly slower than the Pre
Slightly smaller screen than the Pre

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