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To attract more customers, VZW even floated the BOGO offer where the Pre Plus could be taken for free on the Pixi Plus purchase. The current listed price for the VZW Palm Pre Plus is a shocking $30 which tells you the entire story.

The BOGO offer also couldn’t do much good for VZW and hence the prices had to be dropped severely. The Pre Plus was available for $70 a couple of weeks ago at Walmart and at that time, no one expected an ‘amusing’ $40 further price drop. Even Amazon has listed the Pre Plus for $39.99 on a two-year contract.

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Check out this great price for the Palm Pre Plus.


While still only on Sprint, the Pixi and the Pre are in the middle of a price war between Amazon and Wal-Mart each trying to undercut the other with low, low prices in a bid to grab more online market share. has been tracking the Amazon-Walmart price war as it relates to the Pre and Pixi, which are listed on the official Web site for $149 and $99 respectively (with two-year contracts), although only after a $100 mail-in rebate (that’s the part where you have to fill in the paper form, cut the UPC off the cardboard box, and wait six to eight weeks for your refund; ugh).

Thanks to the battle between the two online shopping giants, however, both the Pre and the Pixi have been seeing steep discounts over the past couple of weeks.

The price tags vary from day to day, but as of Tuesday morning, I spotted the Palm Pixi for just $25 (again, with a two-year Sprint contract) on both and … no mail-in rebate required.

As for the Pre, which sold at launch for $200 with service, currently has it listed for $99 with a two-year contract, while Amazon is down to $80 with a two-year service agreement. (PreCentral previously found the Pre on for $75, but the price must have gone back up.)

Read the full story at Yahoo.

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