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Survey shows iPhone threatens BlackBerry; Palm holds steady

A recent survey shows that while Research In Motion continues to lead as the smartphone of choice among consumers, that Apple’s iPhone is quickly catching up.
ChangeWave Research on Tuesday released the results of its week-long September survey of 4,255 consumers, which showed that RIM retains its lead in smartphone ownership with 40 percent market share. That’s actually a dip of 1 percentage point since the last survey in June, and the lowest share RIM has registered in two years.
Despite having more models of smartphones, RIM is facing serious competition from Apple, whose iPhone has 30 percent market share among those surveyed. That’s an increase of 5 percentage points since June, when the new iPhone 3GS was released.
Among the same group, Palm has maintained a 7 percent share since June. Though it didn’t see any growth even with the introduction of the Palm Pre and more recently the Pixi, the two new WebOS-based phones are helping the company to not lose share. Palm has seen its market share of smartphone ownership erode steadily from its peak of 36 percent in June 2006.
Palm Pre steady

Read the full story at Cnet.

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