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Will the Palm Pre Bask in a Verizon Ad Blitz?

GigaOm asks a good questions: Will Verizon go to so much effort for the Palm Pre as it does for the Droid?

The Pre’s momentum has dissipated since its June launch on Sprint’s network, and Palm last month had to raise roughly $313 million for working capital and general corporate purposes with a public offering of 20 million common shares of its stock. But while the company could get a boost from the Pixi — an affordable webOS handset aimed at younger users and scheduled to hit the market in time for the holidays — Verizon could play the role of Palm’s redeemer. The nation’s largest carrier operates arguably the best network around, and Verizon has consistently demonstrated its acumen at marketing smartphones.

But it’s that latest factor — marketing — that’s a concern. Verizon is already promoting the Droid with an impressive ad blitz, and it’s likely to back the upcoming Storm 2 with some serious marketing muscle as well. It’s possible the Pre could get lost in Verizon’s suddenly impressive smartphone portfolio. If Verizon chooses to invest heavily to promote the Pre, the handset could be a huge hit. If not, Palm’s days may be numbered.

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  • Flip · October 26, 2009 at 8:24 pm

    The PALM PRE is one of the best phones I’ve ever had, I knw it doesn’t get much advertisement but ppl would only knew that that phone is capable of anything but hey at least for us who have, I knw what I have on my PALM

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