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Review of the New Palm Pre

We have not seen much enthusiasm for the iPhone to dial in the last six months, but everything else in Palm Pre. Suggest that CES 2009, Palm Pre rapidly become the most anticipated phones this year, not only that. it means for the Palm and Sprint – the two companies are competitors fight back – but he promised the team. multitasking capabilities of storage systems that display many physical keyboard contacts – all these factors together in the. In our view, contestants are required to iPhone.

This is our best and six months later. Palm-based as possible, ready for publication. We have spent the last few days poring over every detail of the device. (No running Palm or check) and we are ready answers to all questions are important, not just for the hype? Now let’s say that we on the Palm before reflecting to T-Mobile G1. And hardware problems and are concerned that some features are missing, but were impressed with Palm WebOS.

QWERTY keyboard will attract no small or noble or an expansion slot. We are also disappointed that provide some basic work such as video and audio recording are missing even though Palm has said that these functions can be added later through the improvement in the machine. The battery is also a problem because smartphones lasted only one day in a single value, which in all fairness as the iPhone. The entire roof of multi-card based on “multi-tasking capabilities and reporting the case. what a special area before introducing the iPhone or smartphones in the market now. In addition, the data management staff to change everything (well) with Synergy Properties.

While preparing for Sprint customers most interesting thing about it, then no. Of the adopters, gadget enthusiasts and consumers who crave or need to work more from their mobile phone could serve as the foundation of the learning process, but bit devices. Battery In addition, due to inertia and poor is not what I think is the best device for business users or road warriors.

In addition, despite some monthly savings plan of Sprint’s data, do not expect many customers to switch to Sprint, enter the base, especially in light of the news, Verizon and AT & T eventually will. cultural model of car and hot new phone on the road.

Starting from scratch, Palm has a really strong and intelligent platform that not only matches the capabilities of competitors, but has a little more personal information management and capacity. multitasking. Palm is not completely throw it out of park with palm trees before, but at least come back in the game and hope WebOS more devices in the future.

Palm after June 6 for $ 199.99 after $ 100 in rebates and a two years contract with Sprint data plan or business plan, all services, including messaging and data. In addition to the Sprint store at Best Buy and Radio department basis. Wal-Mart to sell some.

Different designs of Palm smartphones through before you see any, but if we compare it to the point that there is something similar to the HTC Touch. A bit like the stone, painted with a shiny black color and rounded edges. and like the iPhone, Palm, could be stopped by an external control to a minimum.

Starting a control device: the center button, which will look back deck of cards. Middle button is somewhat misleading because it seems the trackball navigator when we are trying to moderate one for trying to move up and down central button, but you have to press a key. At the top of the device, a button to change people quiet and vibration of people 3.5mm headphone always happy to see. Left rocker while sound micro-USB port is good. Finally, after installing a camera flash and battery removable speakers.

Pre Palm is sandwiched between the ions and the Google-Apple iPhone 3G.

The state of basic measures 3.9 inches high closed 2.3 cm wide, 0.6 cm thick and weighs 4.76 oz Fits in the palm of your hand and is certainly easier than the iPhone dessert. Some people are concerned about durability. because plastic phone. We have not thrown out of buildings or what not, but we believe it is very difficult, cheap or toy-like. What is to be noted that we need a phone that is stain / mark design magnetic and displacement can be felt. reeling all the time.

, Click However, the drop mechanism is smooth and the screen in place when the safety of driving. A bit like calling the government to bend open and we believe the best way to talk on the phone because he’s comfortable in our cheek.

Touch Screen.
We need a president who shows highlights of the main phone. For iPhone room measures 3.1 inch touch screen smaller and other devices, such as T-Mobile G1 and Samsung Omnia, but what they lack in size, making use of basic quality.

24-bit color screen is bright and crisp HVGA with a resolution of 320×480 pixels. Images and text from all pages found exciting. Let’s say the same, if not a little more definition screen iPhone. On the Settings menu, the brightness and screen time. backlighting. You can change the settings of your phone before installing the wallpaper, or use your own pictures and make it.

The touch screen before the brightness of the highlights of smartphones.

Before the demonstration. accelerometer, the screen orientation will shift from a landscape mode when the screen shots, videos and websites. Accelerometer. Rapid changes without delay. It also has sensors that close the screen when the phone a smart phone to your ear.

Capacitive (responds to touch-inch) touch screen is very sensitive. Haptic feedback, but has no white band appears around the icon or menu item that will let you know that the screen has been registered on contact. To scroll through the list you can drag-inch screen or through a short line to spend long list. Button on the screen with a simple combination of keys and large text and audio on their system call. Of course you can only search for universal functionality, and contact name in order to achieve results faster.

Prepared for the iPhone multi-touch screen is relatively large, is of long standing in the class by themselves with this work – but no more. For example, you can use the iPhone out on the base and grab his hand or another. similar, and double tap the screen to get it. In addition, after passing the right to list on the left, such as e-mail or registration number of calls you choose to delete.

Copy, cut and paste the touch screen to move the cursor to the beginning of the city you wish to copy all the files and cut the orange button on the keyboard and draw your finger over the text you want. Then you can do on the screen of the way they are right above the word no. If you decide everything you type in the upper left corner of the screen to scroll through the menu to copy, cut and paste.

Below the screen persona that you can create a set of tasks we perform in the summary of the next section. Two LEDs for small and medium-power, the white button to indicate that a record of your orders.

User interface and navigation.
We believe in all honesty: it is easy to use tool for Palm at least at first. When you start the first smartphone to be introduced animated short teaches you familiar gestures, like sliding from left foot to return to the previous page. Gestures to show the guide quickly, but still takes time to learn the various commands some.

Screen view of the simple enough to understand a single box that connects to the bottom of the list display tuner e-mail, calendar, and the main menu. (Call the program) is. Press the Home screen, click the icon takes you to all programs and settings. It contains three sheets, which readers at once. (From left to right and vice versa), and each panel to accommodate the general category. For example, the panel first, all important functions, such as text, web, multimedia, Google Maps, and the list in the second panel will focus on applications and services, Sprint feature and a third group in the phone and the establishment of several options. User interface soft and fresh, and to change the floor. It is therefore most welcome and happy that Google Android will make it more attractive to consumers.

To start the program by clicking the icon and the application can open the top left corner of the menu screen of water associated with it. Of course, forthcoming from Palm. multi-task. The ability for you to start another program does not leave the current system. To do this, drag from the positive-inch screen and you will see a screen appear on the first tray slightly chilled, you can move your finger on a link to open or only for a list of startup programs. all.

When you click Open to return to press any button will take you through the deck of cards, you just see the card you wish to call. If you wonder why work is called a card game is that each program is shown in the map window and then you can mix the sample cards. You can drag and drop the card. (Or a command in the program launcher) by pressing and holding the position until you see the halo around the map, then you are free to move, but not T-Mobile G1, you drag and drop the icon on the home screen . When completed, the card can pull up and close the program.

You can see there is much to learn, but a few hours after they feel most comfortable and familiar with the gestures. Clearer picture of these commands will be easier and faster, you do not think this, but. comparison. out-of-box with the iPhone, the iPhone before winning the event in a friendly for any user. We Palm accessories for connection management. The only touch of the upper right corner of the screen lets you connect your previous settings – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, flight mode – rather than through multiple menus on the iPhone.

No physical keyboard is the main reason why some people choose not to buy the iPhone. They are those who say the iPhone is the keyboard screen and needs only a few are actually used. But there are some clues to the physics and do not want today. (Included in the package type), is like a dream when Palm announced at CES 2009 with statements full QWERTY keyboard. Fast forward now that we have the equipment on hand and told us we need a little disappointed. . Places like Palm and Palm Treo Pro, like jelly buttons are very small and have very little distance between them. In addition to running around the top edge of the keyboard cover open for easy access when writing.

Palm Pre-button keypad is not fit to form small and narrow.

Can I use water faster than a keyboard, before the iPhone, but I have small hands, so they have simplified the number long. But I definitely see people with bigger problems with the thumb and, unfortunately, no keyboard on the screen at this point. I took a quick poll of some people and accept that the keyboard is very small, called the violation, but many say they can use a few moments.

Before you snap judgments we will test the keyboard. Though clearly not as simple as a BlackBerry or some devices from Samsung and Nokia QWERTY “key is not used before is not near. The virtual keyboard like the iPhone, and change the time to find his rhythm, and finally learn to type fast. symbol and number keys share space with these characters and focus on oranges. N keys on the keyboard.

The first step and send data.
When you start first a previous Palm. (Which will take considerable time) should display device called the Palm. Take your time, but time is valuable because it gives you access to many key and backupand restore settings. Delete the value of distance in case of loss or theft of telephone and air changes. After a major push Palm Firmware update with new features and shortcomings and equipment.

You also have the ability to extract information from any desktop client, or transfer of existing smart phones based. This is easier if you Google, Facebook or Microsoft Exchange is the synergy can extract all of you as soon as you enter your rights. Content related to the current desktop applications like iCal and Mac Address Book, Palm Desktop or Outlook of them work a little harder for you. Before asking you to register your account, Google will have a third-party applications such as Google or CompanionLink Sync. Synchronize with the newly created account and click. The third (Chapura PocketMirror for Outlook) is required if you want to coordinate in advance through the Wi-Fi to your computer.

Finally, a Palm Treo or the phone, the supply of palm called Data Transfer Assistant (DTA) at a time to transfer data from your desktop, and Palm Desktop, iCal, or exchange and the telephone. DTA is a free download from Palm. . Running can help your old address book of mobile on the basis of the store.

Telephone features and lists.
The palm, before tons of things we do not know which is the first PDA phone and voice has only praise. Before a speaker phone conference call mode, the speed of the aircraft and fool people shake with TTY. But the first version of the WebOS. voice calls of support (eg iPhone) and the difference of Samsung Instinct is a support for Visual Voice Mail at this time.

The contact list only the amount of available memory. (Limited to about 7 GB) and a box of various numbers and e-mail address is IM, birthdays and more. The role of synergy can drag the basic contact information from various sources Palm – Facebook, Outlook, Gmail, etc – and fill out all fields in a contact form so that you can try to fill all their own. Besides the numbers and email addresses, a synergy measure any images related to this person or email Facebook account. Otherwise, your data will not be combined with methods to connect with profile, it can dissociate the difference between holding a social and business contacts. Note that if you have a contact list is stored may take some time to synchronize all the data to prepare, but also can work on other programs during this process.

Messaging and Calendar.
Pre Palm supports multiple e-mail accounts, including POP / IMAP and Microsoft Exchange. But after a little support PIN or Smartphone unlimited remote wipe – a big problem with their employees. While Palm WebOS 1.0.3 update provides new support for SSL with Exchange Server does not seem to be updated to version 1.1 WebOS report more content initiatives such as IT, open distance, data devices, if incorrect PIN is entered automatically blocking period. and others.

Account all letters, e-mail that can stay in its box. Synergy, you can view the messages for all accounts under the same if we think that most would prefer to separate personal email and business. Send E-mail immediately (including the extraction stage has been reached) and actions such as delete or move emails into folders that you two are the basic expression of your computer. You can download and view attachments sent.

They have sent a separate message store all your instant messages and multimedia messages. In this folder you will see the entire conversation can be contacted in a single threaded view, respectively, regardless of the type of message. Before distribution to customers immediately sent two messages: Google Talk and AIM. When you log in, you can all your friends on your contact page online if the green dots will appear next to your name. .

To set up email to all the relevant agenda before the game and put the timing of the synergy. In a color-coded to help differentiate between the various accounts. Or a drop-down menu, you can view separately each calendar year. This is how email is the coordination of Outlook calendars and Google News with no problems. We also have a new activity of devices that syncs back to Outlook and Google Calendar, our. Despite lacking this problem occurs Web Palm OS 1.0.3 Fix List of Google Calendar with accented characters or symbols in your name. no events match between mobile phones and parts online. In addition, time better coordination.

Universal Search.
Information that can be handled before the job search products can be long and difficult, but a universal problem. From anywhere on the phone by entering the keyword and before the list in search of a web application. Google Maps and Twitter. This feature works well when looking for a list of companies and in general, but not as strong as the iPhone does not is the issue of scanning e-mail, calendar, music store or library.

Multitasking and programs.
If the previous location in Palm G1 currently has the edge over iPhone, smartphones and more. multi-task. And application of skills. More – talk – on the cover of the card works well, so they often have several programs open and running in the background while you work in another. As a team, can decrease and increase the middle button and drag through the cards. In addition, the menu bar to access the Quick Launch and allows the introduction of a new talk program.

Middle button will help your application.

Bar will alert you to perfection / missed call message new appointments, etc.. Message is normal. E-mail subject lines and a line of samples and instant text messages appear in the region. When you receive a call while in the application that alerts you receive lower third of the screen and you can ignore or claim, without advancing the Application screen calls. You. can open the message immediately or in some cases, you can pay cash immediately reporting APP – communications, for example, forward or pause music and Pandora music player. It is true that the system is designed well and one. What we like Pre.

Limit on the number of the card will have to open the program you use. More memory intensive, more memory is a burden and a website linked to reducing the number of programs that open. Message appears when you reach the limit and we encourage you to leave another free open memory load. We have this warning twice during our tests and now we have used many sites and three or four programs that can open to receive more help. multitasking. We also have to use 12 cards at once.

There are several programs in a van, one might wonder if it affects performance and must say it was surprising that the pages. A slight delay when opening programs. (See results section for details), smart phones, but still very good and no signs of that freaking impressed.

Wireless options.
Pre installation for Palm is wireless, you will need. Networking, Sprint EV-DO Rev. A, 600kbps average download speeds to 1.4 Mb / s, with bursts up to 3.1 Mbit / s of contract and average upload speeds 350-500 kilobits per second, maximum of 1.8 Mbps Sprint’s 3G network covers 18,600. city and the airport in 1832 and 270 million comprehensive coverage of AT & T and T-Mobile’s 3G network. or online) during the first Wi-Fi (802.11 b / g with WPA, WPA2, WEP. 802.1x verification.

Bluetooth 2.1 on board and support a set of variations, including stereo Bluetooth, hands – free equipment, personal area networks, Phone Book Access, and audio / video remote control. During the preparation connect Bluetooth, Sprint does not support the plan worked like a phone modem is not appropriate for the plan. “All information, all data per share and the office of family services, and messaging data.

Palm: it comes with integrated GPS positioning and navigation capability to receive. Google Maps is loaded into smart phones, and to view satellite maps and real-time messages recommended by the search business and data traffic. However, for functions such as voice – it is recommended the route and automatically redirects you to use Sprint Navigation. The use of location-based services, all information included in the Sprint plan does not pay the monthly fee or pay day. . They have not forgotten the fact that she has returned to the address, while iPhone users will continue to wait in the iPhone OS 3.0 features and third party developers this.

We are very impressed with the ability of GPS before. The test in San Francisco, but have read our position in minutes, and as their most points. We went on the road from the Marina district to CNET’s headquarters city, and in a few seconds, again with Sprint navigation instructions on the quickest route. Once on the road, the GPS closely our progress. He deliberately missed some changes to other terms and check the route for the first time a little later left the track and not give us new direction for our next train. Computation time. Other routes quickly. The sound quality of the sound direction is a good rule.

Web Browser.
Web Browser based on beauty. WebKit will allow the site to screen you see on the desktop and quick. Of course, we said thank you very much and then touch the screen just type in / out zoom in a couple or compression to each other or themselves (eg iPhone) and scroll through the contact point on the screen and inch drag in any direction.

To enter, just start typing a URL web address and the address bar appears. You may check the site offers a map for the first time you start your browser. To increase faster access to your favorite websites also have the option of a special link in the launcher. If you want to open a new window, select the new map into the pulldown menu on the left.

We are generally satisfied with the browser navigation and basic functionality, but some bugs. One is no onscreen keyboard. Not that it will not be able to include a URL or a text in the box to show how this page. landscape that will have to return to standby, it’s inconvenient to change. There is no Flash support at this time so that you can not see Flash movies in your browser. Announced, but contracts with the palm of his commitment to open Adobe Screen Project, in February and bring Flash Player 10 WebOS devices later this year.

We quick test of the colony a few days. Just to show the speed of Sprint EV-DO Rev .. to 400K database file 619Kbps average download speed of up to three tests. Full versions of CNET and The New York Times web site loaded in about 26 seconds and 30 seconds were established as ESPN Mobile Web site has been banned in 5 seconds.

CNET Labs ran the speed test browser as they did before the iPhone and iPhone 3G 3GS control. Before loading the heavy bandwidth sites in 1 minute 7 seconds over 3G (26.4 seconds of the new building). In comparison, 3GS iPhone charged in the same place iPhone 3G in 37.7 seconds and 49.9 seconds. Using Wi-Fi, the city is 37.6 seconds (21 seconds from the boat) on a new basis.

Palm Pre strength of a set of multimedia capabilities. In Media Player supports multiple formats: MP3, AAC, AAC, WAV, and AMR music files and MPEG-4, H263 video formats H264. Music for basic functions: play / pause and return track / shuffle and repeat mode. . In addition to the standard forward / backward, you can reach readers through music album cover. It is not as smooth as the iPhone’s Cover Flow feature, but it works.

There are several ways to transfer media to your smartphone.

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