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The Palm Pixi vs. the Palm Pre

Gear Diary has a good comparison between the Palm Pre and the Palm Pixi. Of course will have to wait a few months before will get either in Verizon. Here are some quotes from the comparison:

  • The Pixi is thinner and smaller than the Pre
  • The Pixi is affordably priced. $99 after the various PITA rebates. (this is only $50 less than the Pre, but still less)
  • The Pixi has less capabilities than the Pre

the Pixi is inferior to the Pre in these ways:

  • It only has a 2 megapixel camera instead of 3 megapixel camera
  • The Pixi has an ARM processor instead of the state of the art TI OMAP processor that the Pre (and the new Verizon Droid) uses. It’s a good processor but it is slower.
  • The Pixi does NOT support wifi. This is a biggie. Especially for those of you that are in fringe coverage areas. With WIFI, you get lighting data performance and coverage in areas that the carrier may not support.
  • To support the size, the screen is about 20% shorter, It has the same aspect ratio so the text will be the same size, but you can’t see as much at the same time. For most operations this should be OK unless you are watching alot of Video where the picture will have to shrink to show the whole frame. This however, is one nice thing about the WebOS design versus a fixed resolution design like the iPhone. A variety of size and form factors can come out and all the software should automatically support it since the rendering engine allows for variable window sizes and resolutions.

pixi vs pre

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