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Motorola’s Droid Affects Sales of Palm Pre and BlackBerry Storm2

Jim Suva, analyst at Citigroup, expressed his opinion regarding the Motorola Droid and its impact on other handsets’ sales.
According to Jim Suva, Motorola has launched one of the best offerings, referring to the Android 2.0-based Droid. At the same time, this handset could impact in a major manner on other launched devices of the same type. Directly involved could be the Palm Pre and the RIM’s BlackBerry Storm2.
The Droid happens to be very fitted to work with built-in Microsoft Exchange support and benefits from the largest and most aggressive promoting campaign in recent history. Verizon has launched this ad campaign, including a billboard in Times Square, directly targeting the Droid’s most powerful competitor, the iPhone handset from Apple.
Analysts think that Verizon even minimized the importance of another intensively mediated device, the BlackBerry Storm2, by scheduling the presentation of the Droid the same day as the Storm2’s shipping and downplaying the RIM’s phone for the rest of this year.
Citigroup analysts do not think, however, that this dramatic promotion of the Motorola’s Droid would have a significant impact on iPhone’s sales, Apple’s device having earned a solid position on the market.

[Source: HTLounge]

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