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The Android army: Verizon Wireless, Google ink collaboration pact [source: ZDNet]

In a non Palm Pre related news, but good news for Verizon loyal costumers, who did not ran away to get the iPhone, ZDNet reports that Verizon Wireless and Google said Tuesday that they will partner to co-develop a bevy of Android-based devices. The terms of the deal weren’t disclosed, but the companies are looking to create innovative devices “pre-loaded with innovative applications from both parties as well as third-party developers.” According to the companies, the aim is to develop unique applications and get them to consumers quickly. The two companies also say they are committed to collaborating into the future.

For Verizon Wireless, which historically has trailed other carriers with bleeding edge devices, the deal with Google could help it be more of a leader in the buzz department. Meanwhile, a tight partnership with Google should give Verizon Wireless more clout with the developers it is trying to woo. And for Google the pact with Verizon Wireless means there will be more Android devices in the field.

We can’t wait for better phones in Verizon.
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