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“I coulda been a contender,” said Brando’s character, Terry, a washed-up boxer, lamenting his fate.

Compare that to what Palm CEO Jon Rubinstein said Thursday during his company’s third-quarter results call with analysts:

“If we could have launched at Verizon prior to the Droid, I think we would have gotten the attention the Droid got. And since I believe we have a better product, I think we could have even done better,” Rubinstein said.

Yes, except for that Verizon problem, Palm’s CEO thinks his company “coulda been a contender.”

Of course, customers have decided that Palm doesn’t make a better product, and they made that decision well before the Droid burst onto the market last October. By then, the Pre had been on the market for four months. took note of the company’s plight in a headline that sums up my opinion, too: “Palm’s new price target: $0.”

“Palm’s future already looked bleak,” the financial news site commented. “But after reporting worse than expected results for the third quarter Thursday, some analysts think the company’s stock is now essentially worthless.”

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In an attempt to showcase the Palm Pre’s 3D gaming credentials, its manufacturer is partnering with developer EA to give away three games free of charge for the webOS-based smartphone.

The games on offer are racing title Need For Speed Undercover, the board game port of Monopoly and the evergreen life simulator The Sims 3.

The UK version of the market has been lagging behind the US in the paid-for apps department, as Pre owners Stateside have been able to buy software for nearly five months now.

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AT&T could get Palm Pre

The filings at the FCC revealed a model with the FCC ID of O8F-CASG, alongside a photo of its availability date that is slated for May 10th, 2010. This would most probably point towards a US-bound GSM Palm Pre, considering the the Sprint Palm Pre and Verizon Pre Plus currently sport the FCC ID number of O8F-CASC. Basically, we’re looking at an AT&T supplied Pre.

Soruce: Ubergizmo

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5 Must-have Apps for Palm Phones

JK on the run has their must have apps for the Palm phone:

1. PhotoDialer. Smartphones should be first and foremost good phones — that should be the primary function, right? PhotoDialer is an app that leverages the good phone capability of the Palm phones by providing a screen with the owner’s most-called contacts presented in a nice grid. $1.99.

2. Pandora. Pandora is one of those audio services that you can’t live without once you find it. The unique technology that can serve a playlist of music similar to the music you like is very good. Free.

3. Twee. It seems everyone is playing on Twitter and a good phone client makes the experience the best. Twee is a webOS client that has all of the features you want presented in a pleasant interface. Twee comes in two versions. Twee Free is nearly full-featured but lacks support for lists and a few other functions of the paid version. $2.99.

4. Klondike Solitaire. The Windows OS got most of us playing Solitaire, and a good mobile version can help pass the time away when there is nothing else to do. Klondike Solitaire is a complete implementation of the game we all know, and plays very nicely with touch on the Palm phones. $1.99.

5. gDial Pro. Google Voice is a wonderful service that only comes into its own when used on a phone with a good client app. The gDial Pro is definitely a good client, one of the best on any smartphone platform. Free.

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App developers know that apps is big business with more earning potential than ever when it comes to the iPhone platform, looking at the statistics the Palm Pre only has 1,000 current apps, Google Android only has approx 20,000 and the iPhone has a staggering 140,000 plus.

Source: Phones Reviews

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Investors had come to see that Apple’s relationship with AT&T was still strong. The iPad was going to be available with pre-paid data service from AT&T, and using 3G frequencies not available on T-Mobile, the only other GSM carrier in the United States. That alone was enough to trigger a rally in shares of PALM. The stock gained 11% from the day’s low to peak at $11.98 a share, though it eventually settled down at $11.70 by the close of the market. That was a 4.7% gain from the open and a rally of close to 8% from the low of $10.75.

Source: Pre Central

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Image representing Palm Pre as depicted in Cru...
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Verizon’s lineup of Palm phones will include just two upgraded versions of existing Palm models with familiar names, a source says today. The tip suggests that the Wi-Fi enabled Pixi will reach Verizon as the Pixi Plus and that the Palm Pre Plus is real, though what changes the latter would get aren’t evident. Both phones would be physically identical on the outside, but the BGR tip doesn’t say if the processor or storage would improve.

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Palm has some good times ahead at Verizon, says Macquarie Securities analyst who upgraded the stock to buy Monday.

It became apparent that the Motorola Droid was not going to be the phone that finally slayed the mighty Apple iPhone. Throughout the past two months, Verizon has remained officially committed to selling the Palm phones early next year, when Sprint’s exclusive deal expires.

TheStreet first reported that Verizon would likely take a minimum shipment of Palm phones and offer limited sales support for the devices. At the time, people close to the company said most of the marketing resources would be focused on the Motorola Droid.

Not so, says Macquarie analyst Phil Cusick.

“Despite market worries to the contrary, our checks indicate substantial support pending for Pre and Pixi at Verizon in early 2010,” Cusick writes in his research note Monday.

Palm may have turned a corner on its troubles of 2009, Cusick argues. Spotty supplies of the Pre hampered its debut, and Sprint’s weak support as the shrinking No. 3 player didn’t help much, Cusick writes.

Read the full story on The Street.

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Get Palm Pre for free

WirelessWave, the Canadian mobile phone retailer, has slashed the price of the Palm Pre to $0.00, making the smartphone accessible for free.

However, you will have to sign up for a three-year agreement with Bell Mobility to get a hold on free Palm Pre.

Verizon is probably going to charge more than $0 for the Palm Pre Plus.

Source: TopNews

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